Spiritual Crafting

In this section I will be placing videos which will incorporate our more spiritual side with arts and crafts. 

It could be making a fairy tree, creating a wish box, making runes, journals, or something else. Whatever I want to do or what you might ask for. We will just have to wait and see.

Most of all remember that nothing is ever perfect, nor should it be. The journey is in the creating.

Welcome to my fairy tree

This will be a slow growing adventure.

I have studied spirituality since I was thirteen. I have looked at all different types, faiths, and cultures. 

A couple of years ago my sister introduced me to a group who creates to help ease pain. I, like so many others, have multiple chronic pain issues. Some days it is hard to move around. Crafting through the pain helps. It helps to take your mind off what is happening with your body.

My goal here is to help others find a way to help them through whatever type of pain they are having. It doesn't have to be physical. It can be spiritual, emotional, or just feeling plane lost. Let me know on the Facebook comments.