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I am a Diviner, Teacher, and Spiritual Consultant.
I can help guide you to your best self.

     I am very proud to release my new website. I am excited to see what we can learn together.
     I have been teaching for almost 30 years and learning most of my life. I like to do things a little differently and touch on a few subjects which are not always popular with psychic mediums.

     If you have any questions or subjects, you would like to address please let me know here.

We are currently under construction so please come back soon and sit a spell.

Opening of Minds


Lately I have noticed an opening of minds. People are looking for answers. They want to know more about the other side. So many of us have been at death's door, are afraid of dying, and or have had a loved one pass. When we are faced with death curiosity pops its little head up. No more just living in the moment, work, family, friends, etc... We have to face the thing which all of us will face when it is our time and that of those we love and care for.

I have had many messages from the other side, so I have great faith we will be good when we cross over, and our loved ones are good. They watch over us and guide us when they can. They also send us messages letting us know they are with us.

A song on the radio, an overheard conversation about their favorite show, a scent when no one is around. We just must pay attention and then acknowledge them. You can also ask your loved ones for a sign. You may ask your Mom for a sign, then later that day you may see a dime. And then another and another. This is her way of letting you know she is there with you when you need her. Each person can be different. Mom shows a dime, Dad shows a song, Sister may show you a scent, Brother may show you feathers. Usually, it’s something that you see and think of them. If your Uncle collected coins and you keep seeing them laying around, then this is probably him. Keep an open mind and pay attention.

When we want to hear from them, just think of them in your favorite memory and then look for their signs for you. When you notice the sign, tell them. Thank them for their visit and anything else you want to say. Talk to them whenever you want. They will hear you. I walk around talking to my loved ones all the time. Most people think I am just talking to myself but that’s ok. People who know me will say ‘Oh that’s just Donna being Donna’, and then laugh a little. I love having blue tooth because they think I am on the phone and not give me weird looks…lol.

When I was a child, I saw a movie where a lady kept talking to herself and the 'men in the white coats' took her away. I don’t know what movie it was because I was peeping and at the wrong time, but this stayed with me. I didn’t want the 'men in the white coats' to show up and take me away, so I stayed quiet. Now I am a lot older, and people just see me as that old crazy lady who talks to herself all the time and stays away from me…lol. Now that I am older, they just think I am senile…lol.

If this is a concern for you, just do it when you are alone. Another way is to write them a letter. Writing a letter is a wonderful way to let go of anger issues as well. Burn it or bury it. Take it to a river, tear it up and throw it in. There are a lot of ways, just do what feels right for you. Just talk to them and then pay attention. It may take a little time, but they will find a way to let you know. Listen, watch, and answer. 

As you learn what to watch for and what to listen for, your relationship will evolve…if you want it to.


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